N2KB BV is the exclusive distributor for the Benelux of the new, modular N2G fire extinguishing system from N2 Global. N2 Global research, develop and produce an innovative solution intended for effective fire suppression in confined spaces and/or switch, distribution, and process cabinets. At the core of N2 GLOBAL Clean Agent Fire Suppression technology is the simple step that puts out fire: oxygen is decreased below burning levels without any harm to people, effectively stopping the incendiary process.

Fire is the result of a chemical reaction between oxygen in the air and a type of fuel. To start a fire a combustion reaction occurs. The fuel must be heated up to its ignition temperature. So, the three components for the creation of fire are fuel, heat, and oxygen. Fire will burn until one of the components is removed. Answering a fire protection question begins with determining the risk of fire, the stage at which the fire should be discovered, and when it is appropriate to deploy the fire suppression system.